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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival was celebrated on 29th September. The children from Hallbankgate School attended and sang and performed the story of the Giant Turnip. Hallbankgate Brownies and Rainbows sang This Little Guiding Light with actions. Fiona accompanied the hymns on her accordion.
At the end of the service an adult and child were selected from the congregation to ring the repaired church bells. The children played oranges and lemons, a nursery rhyme recalling all the great London Bells. After a prayer of rededication the Bells were rung.

The Auction of produce followed with refreshments by the PFA

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The plant stall and cake sale were held last weekend. Thank you to everyone who supported the event. The Funds raised exceeded £600
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At 2pm on Friday 11th November children from Hallbankgate school came to church to attend a service of rememberance.

The names of the fallen from both the first and second world war and Korean war were read out and a wreath laid.

The service continued back inside the church.

Rev Johnsen encouraged the children to think about the word respect and for each letter a linked word.

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival was held on Friday 30 September. Children from Hallbankgate School sang and read to the congregation on the theme of bread. They brought bread with them that they had made at school.
The service was followed by an auction of produce.
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Open Day

The Church was open on the 22nd June

The beautiful  Victorian  tiled floor as revealed for the first time in decades, Armed with micro fibre clothes and brushes it was carefully cleaned. Water would have created a mud pack with the fine dust making it difficult to bring the colours out. As each tile was cleaned it looked better and better. The whole chancel looked a lot lighter. There is still some work to do on some of the glue but a good days cleaning.

Whilst this was happening the alter cloths were laid out, brushed and vacuumed. Then packed with tissue into a clean box to keep mice and moths off.

We welcomed a number of visitors to the church and hope they enjoyed looking round.
Conservation and cleaning training.

Members of churches across the county gathered in Farlam church on the 19 April. Under the experienced eye of John Greenwood, expert in conservation of historic artifacts, we were guided round the church. He explained how to clean and care for the windows and wall. What wild life to expect and how to manage it.
The best way to clean wood mouldings, marble and stone was explained. Much of the equipment was brush, microfibre cloth and vacuum cleaner.
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The old Victorian tiles lay under the carpet in the chancle. After rolling back the carpet we discussed the conservation and cleaning of the surface. It is hoped that they can be full uncovered and restored.

Easter Walks

The Palm Sunday walk
Carrying the cross from Cumrew to Castle Carrock

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Maundy Thursday walk from Cumwhitton to Hayton.
Good Friday the cross was carried from Talkin to Farlam and on to Lanercost for the Deanery service.
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The Joseph Bell memorial in the old church yard has just had its annual wreath laid in memory of all the engineers who died on the 15th April 1912 when the RMS Titanic hit the iceberg.
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Make your own sheep by needle felting with Brenda and Pat
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Pam from Fluff n’ Nonsense in Brampton helped lots of flowers bloom by wet felting. Anyone wanting a go can book a course through her web site:

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Catherine and Clara brought their spinning wheels. Lots of people found out just how skilful out ancestors were when it came to making yarn. Catherine’s colourful fleece from natural dyes brightened up the room.

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Having spun wool Lynn showed us how to croquet it into practical squares or ornamental flowers. A whole range of unique pompoms were made. After all the concentration decorating biscuits and refreshments were much appreciated.

There was a definite sheep theme to the event with pin the tail on the sheep, finding Bo Peeps lost sheep and colouring in .For those wanting a break ,a train track by the alter.
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At the end of the afternoon and a drenching Ewe and Lambs left the church after a busy day. These came with Nickie from her Eden Gotland Flock. Nickie brought her peg loom and some processed wool from her sheep.

Church as a venue
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The Church will soon be available to hold events, exhibitions, meetings etc.
There is a large space in the centre of the church now the fixed pews have been removed.
The rails at the front and back of the seating can also move away.

The building has a small kitchen and modern toilet facilities.